Abandoned Dog Doesn’t Stop Howling Waiting for His Owner-His Wait Paid Off!

More than any other animals in the world, dogs are known for their extreme loyalty. They’re our best friends and love us no matter what.

This loving friendship is really amazing; however, not every person appreciates their life- in fact, many people abuse these wonderful creatures!

Many also abandon them and the dog ends up being alone without his best friend and without a home…

One such story of abandonment, which luckily had a happy ending, shows us how emotional dogs can be and how much they attach to us.

Dog Abandoned on Parking Lot Doesn’t Stop Howling

One dog owner decided to leave his dog in a parking lot at Sam’s Club. The sweet dog stayed there for long hoping his owner will come back.

All of this time the dog howled, cried, and was confused.

But, after some time, Mary Murphy who works at the Arrow Dog Rescue saw the dog.

She decided to earn the dog’s trust and help it. She set a camp in the parking for 3 days and sent a video of the dog to her friend Kimberley who also worked at the Rescue.

This is what they explained about the dog and shared it on their social media:

“This girl was dumped 9 days ago at Sam’s Club. Mary Murphy sat for 3 and half days with her to gain her trust. Now, Crooner is safe but needs a temp foster for around 7 days in the area of Memphis.

She’s very scared and skittish and needs to be somewhere quiet with someone with a little experience with this type of dog. Can anyone help our sweet girl?”

Slowly and carefully, the girls caught the dog between two cars and rescued her. Murphy also earned a bit of her trust.

They renamed her Samantha or Sam and safely put her in a foster home.

We really hope that after what she’s been true, sweet Sam will finally find the home and family she deserves- we wish you luck Sam!




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