Father-Son Duo Kills Hibernating Mother Bear And Two Cubs, Proudly Pose For Pictures

Although father-son time can be amazing and well-spent, the story you’re about to hear is definitely not what you’ve imagined this time to look like!

One father and son decided to take things too far while spending time together and ended up killing a family of black bears. Although not an endangered species, bears are tracked by the wildlife officials in Alaska where they did the kill.

But, being endangered isn’t the sole reason why wild animals shouldn’t be killed-animals shouldn’t be hunted by humans for fun and it should be punishable regardless of where it’s happening.

Father & Son Kill Mother Bear & Her Two Cubs for Pure Fun

The father, Andrew Renner, was sentenced to three months in prison after he killed the mother bear and her two cubs in 2019 while on a hunting trip with his son, the 18-year-old Owen in Alaska.

The killings happened in 2018 and were caught on camera. The teen got a 30-day suspension as he was part of the act.

The duo skied down into the den of the bear and slaughtered them. Attacking the hibernating animals was captured on a research tape that the family had no idea was there.

The video shows the father pointing the gun towards the cubs when he noticed them and shot them as well.

The research camera that taped the whole killing was set for study purposes by the US Forest Service and Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The father and son were taken to trial where they pleaded guilty to multiple misdemeanour charges-unlawful bear killing, unlawful cub killing, and for transport of dead bears away from site to cover up their killing.

Alaska Doesn’t Tolerate Bear Poaching

Bear poaching is illegal in Alaska and the attorney general Aaron Peterson said that they argued for active jail time in this case because of the egregious nature of it as well as because of the need to show the public that Alaska doesn’t tolerate poaching.

The father was also fined with $9000. He had to sell some properties, rifles, IPhones, etc. to pay it. Also, his hunting license was suspended for the next 10 years.

The killed family was followed closely for a study.




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