People Are Turning Tables into Stunning Succulent Gardens

Nowadays, making living art pieces with succulents is worldwide spread because it’s a stunning idea for gardens, walls or tables.

This amazing flower arrangement with succulent plants won’t wither and it’s accessible to everyone-everyone can make it on its own.

What a wonderful DIY project…don’t you agree?

The numerous ways in which you can insert this living art in your home or garden will surprise you and you’ll definitely add a stunning atmosphere to your terrace, porch, etc.

How to Bring Living Art into Your Home or Garden

Succulent curtain

Make this curtain using floral wire and attach small clips of succulents to thread strands.


To make a wreath to use all year round, you need a wire wreath frame, a small sphagnum moss, a floral wire, needles, and clippings from succulents.

Wall hangings

A mosaic of various colors can be introduced in a picture frame-the drought-resistant plants will grow slower in a shallower wooden frame.

Patterned walkway

Succulents tend to be amazing when placed between stairs or along sidewalks, don’t you agree?

Blooming table

With some DIY skills and a sixth sense for beauty, you can upgrade your tables with full package succulent gardens.


Hang one pot rack and put several potted succulents and candles in jars.

Hanging baskets

They are the greatest choice for balconies and front porches.


You can make it at home using chicken wire and leaf shape and triceratops.

Non-traditional planters

Lunch boxes, coffee pots, etc. can be used as non-traditional pot planters.

Why Is a Blooming Table a Great Option?

It’s easy to use

You can easily set up and maintain this table-you need soil, plants, and water. Make sure the table is waterproof and doesn’t leak.

It saves space

This succulent table garden combines functionality, beauty, and saves space.




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