Spectacular Cannabis Bonsai Trees and How to Grow Them

Marijuana bonsai trees aren’t a myth-you can grow them and they’ll make you happier and help you get high. Cannabis enthusiasts will love these bonsai trees.

These miniature-sized plants originate from ancient Japan. The goal of growing a bonsai is to create an authentic plant which is identical to the ones in nature, with only difference being the tree’s size.

Bonsai trees aren’t genetically tampered to be smaller in size and you can use any kind of tree to make a bonsai. To grow a healthy and happy bonsai, you need to do a lot of pruning, branch-wiring, reduce the fertilizing, etc.

Although demanding, a bonsai is really rewarding.

What about Cannabis Bonsai Trees?

The main reason why people grow these trees is to produce clone clippings. As each of the mother plants stays small, the cannabis bonsais take less space than a full-grown mother plant.

It’s therefore great for limited spaces. In larger cannabis gardens with several cannabis bonsai trees, the mothers can provide a variety of genetics for the whole garden.

You can easily maintain the versatility in the cannabis garden without relying on seeds.

How to Grow My Cannabis Bonsai Tree?

Prep the pot first, go with a smaller pot and make holes around the pot’s perimeter for strings or twines.

Then, set the plant inside the pot in proper soil. Cut clippings from it several times per year. After you plant it, you can also add a wooden stake to train the main stem of the plant.

You can train the branches using a twine or a string that can be tied in various ways. For more horizontal ones, tie them down with additional force. For vertical ones, tie them less strong.

The branches need sufficient space to grow.

Prune the branches of the plant as it grows to keep its short shape and stature. Prune the offshoot branches only. The cannabis bonsai can be kept in a vegetative state for as long as it lives.

But, some claim that the pure Indica cannabis plants degrade faster compared to the Sativa ones. The hybrids may need to be replaced with new ones every 5 years. Take into account the strain you’re choosing for a bonsai-Critical Kush is one of the best strains for a bonsai.

It’s high in THC and an indica-dominated strain. White Widow is also a good option-a balanced hybrid with Indica and Sativa.




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