These Gorgeous Fairy Lanterns Are The Whimsical And Dreamy DIY Project You Need Right Now

In these times of a pandemic when we’re all staying at home as much as we can to prevent the virus from spreading further, a lot of creativity is coming through.

Sitting at home doesn’t have to be boring- on the contrary, it helps us dedicate more time to ourselves and our loved ones.

And, it’s the perfect time to make a DIY project. Why not use this quarantine time wisely and create something one-of-a-kind for your home?

If you love lanterns, you’ll definitely love this magical, otherworldly, fairy-like lantern that will be a great addition to your garden or porch or to some other part of your home.

You’ll definitely feel like the fairies are your roomies. It’s also great to hear that you needn’t be an expert in DIY projects to make it- it’s suitable for beginners too.

Come on, let’s learn how to make this stunning lantern and bring some magical vibes to our homes!

DIY Fairy Lantern- Whimsical & Dreamy Atmosphere

This lantern has a frost-like effect, as well as beautiful orange and yellow colors.

The brains behind this amazing DIY is Nichola Battilana from the Pixie Hill blog- she describes herself as a Maker of Messes, Believer in Fairies.

She notes that her creations are a mish-mash of mediums and inspired by magic and folklore, infused with a bit of oddity, and made with full enthusiasm.

She enjoys making little objects that reflect the wonders around her-in a way; they’re visual sonnets to nature, enchantment, and wonder, claims Battilana.

She adds that they celebrate the good and magic in our world.

How to Make the Fairy Lanterns

To make this one-of-a-kind lantern, here’s what you need:

Fairy cutouts, you can make your own or buy them online

Glass medium-sized jars

Tissue paper




Small decorations and accessories

Battery-powered tea lights or fairy lights

How to make it:

Put the fairy cutouts in the jar and bend them up slightly to break up the fibers and then stick them on the inside of the jar with glue. Hold firmly for a while until it’s well-set.

Then, cover the entire outside part of the jar with one layer of white glue. Put one layer of tissue paper on top.

In case it tears or creases, you can cover it with glitter later on. Now, turn the jar upside down and leave it to dry.

Then, apply glue to the top and bottom of the jar and add clear glitter.

Add more where it’s necessary, but never put too much. When it dries, wrap some twine around the jar’s rim and tie it up in a bow. Stick it in place with a bit of instant glue.

This is the part you’ll love the most- time to stir up your imagination- decorate it as you want with accessories you collected using instant glue.

You can also add the tealights or fairy LED lights inside the jar and when you turn it on, the light will create a silhouette effect near the cutout like a fairy is sitting inside the jar.

Extra Tips

  • Add two or three tea lights to ensure a strong effect of the silhouette
  • Avoid a lot of paper layers
  • Use thinner school glue for the paper and a thicker glue for the glitter
  • Don’t put real candles inside!

Before heading out, here’s the video tutorial to learn more about the step-by-step instructions for the fairy lantern DIY project:




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