This Mom Loves Smoking Weed with Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

What is the right way for parents to educate their children about drug use in the midst of a paradigm change in the attitude towards cannabis?

One mother, Kaylie, said during a Dr. Phil Show episode that she regularly smokes weed and that she highly recommends it to everyone.

A divorced mother of a 14-year-old girl, Kaylie claims she smokes weed with her daughter Gabrielle.

They made debut on the show after her ex-husband decided to do something about her permissive parenting.

Kaylie apparently smokes weed with her teen daughter and says they do it after meditation which they also do together.

Daughter Smokes Weed Together with Her Mother

The ex-husband decided to do this because Kayile is regularly smoking weed with her daughter-they were caught on a video smoking prior to heading to a concert.

For most parents, a 14-year-old child is a bit too young to pull drags of an herb before heading to a concert. A

lthough the legal age for buying cannabis is 18 in the Netherlands and 19 in Canada, only adults who’re 21 or older can legally buy cannabis in the US without a medical authorization.

Studies have shown that there are limited harms and even potential benefits for adults who take cannabis; however, the same hasn’t been researched or shown in teens.

In fact, there’s a growing evidence suggesting that cannabis is better for aging adults rather than for those in the development phase.

And, the depressive effects of cannabis last longer in youngsters than it does in adults.

The Risks of Cannabis Consumption in Teen

As teens tend to pick up long-lasting habits, scientists are worried that a cannabis consumption from early on will increase their risk of a lifetime consumption and thus impact their learning, memory, mental health, and attitude.

Despite knowing the risks, Kaylie decided to light up with her daughter. She even claims her daughter started smoking much earlier. She could see this and smell it. She would smoke until she couldn’t walk around or do anything.

This scared Kaylie and she felt horrible. Smoking until you’re blue isn’t the point, she believes.

The episode shocked the audience-the mother and daughter aren’t just lighting up cannabis together, but her mother shared her knowledge for cannabis with the teen trying to create a positive attitude.




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