What Does It Look Like: Healthy vs. Abusive Romantic Relationship

One thing’s for sure-there’s a huge difference between a healthy and abusive relationship.

In the healthy ones, a person can be abusive occasionally; however, most of the time, they’re full of love, care, and respect.

On the other hand, being in an abusive relationship is full of abuse and control-one can actually predict when the other side will abuse and try to control them. Real love and care happens only sometimes.

The line between these two may sometimes be very fine-this is why we need to be aware of what it looks like to be a part of a healthy vs. an abusive relationship.

Healthy vs. Abusive Relationship?-Which One Is It for You?

In healthy relationships, one can use psychological abuse sometimes and not every day and many times per day. These people know how to take responsibility for the harms they’ve caused and want to learn and grow.

They want to improve and change and they take genuine steps to build equality. They apologize and they mean it. And, they know how to make compromises.

But, in order to be considered a healthy relationship, both sides need to be willing to resolve things and to agree to disagree. Each should be responsible for their behaviors and actions.

In a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t fear the other side- on the contrary; this should be a safe place full of nourishment and nurture.

An abusive relationship is a relationship of one. This person is determined to do it their way and will use control and power. This person is a control freak who will intentionally victimise the other person to achieve their goals.

His/her attitude is abusive and destructive and although they may say they want to change, they don’t. They just want to dominate and to win. They’re full of tactics to achieve their goal and this is the only constant with them.

The victim on the other side may be desperate to work on their relationship problems-they will spend years and years trying to find out what the abuser wants. They will change themselves, but still there will never be good enough for the other side.