Amazon Delivery Driver Saved a Drowning Dog in His Shift

It would be an understatement to say that John Cassabria is an animal lover-he grew up surrounded by pets and now has four dogs, four cats, and even a pet snake.

However, nothing could have prepared him for the event that happened during his routine shift of delivering packages for Amazon.

He did the most heroic thing-he saved the life of a 14-year-old husky named Luka.

A Casual Working Day Turned into a Heroic Act

Cassabria who’s 24 was making his rounds in Woburn in Massachusetts when he took a wrong turn. When he noticed and stopped the van to make the reroute, he heard a strange noise from a yard nearby.

He said he never heard anything like it in his life and he actually heard it over the reversing beep of the vehicle.

He decided to follow the noise-it led him to one yard with a fence. He looked over and was shocked-he saw the dog Luka barely standing in a pool.

His heart sank and he decided to leap over the fence and hurry to the dog to take him out of the water.

He dove into the pool with his clothes, shoes, wallet, and car keys. He took the dog in his arms and swam with him to the shallow end of the pool.

They got out of the pool safely and called the Woburn Police Department-the animal control officer lived close by and knew Luka’s owners.

Heartbreaking Phone Call to the Owners

Julie Caldwell, Luka’s owner, was enjoying the first moments of her away-from-home weekend when she got the call.

The police told her that Luka had gotten out of the yard to which she was confused as she closed the gate when she left and knew the dog was too old to try out something like that.

The officers told her about Cassabria’s heroic act to save the drowning dog. She began to cry and dropped the phone. She couldn’t talk.

Caldwell explained that they have a doggie door which the dog has used it for 15 summers. The dog goes outside, into the bathroom, and goes back into the air-conditioned house.

She also arranged for her neighbor to look after the dog while she was away; however, between her departure and the neighbor’s arrival, the dog jumped into the pool.

The family was shocked. She thanked Casabria and wrote an email to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, to inform him that his employee saved their beloved dog.

She wrote that she can’t thank him enough and that Luka is now fine thanks to this brave and amazing employee.