Dog Eagerly Waits for the Ice Cream Truck to Give Him a Treat every Day

Who doesn’t love ice cream, right?-Even dogs enjoy the cold and creamy treat which makes summer and hot temperatures so much better.

But, in order to keep our dogs healthy and still help them enjoy ice-cream, we need to ensure they’re only eating dog-friendly ice creams.

Many dogs really love ice cream and one great example of their special love for this treat is this 3-year-old Alaskan malamute that became used to the ice cream truck in its neighbourhood delivering its treat to the doorstep.

Dog Hears the Ice Cream Truck & Waits Patiently on the Sidewalk

As soon as she hears the music coming from the truck, the dog runs out of its door and waits for its treat.

The dog’s name is Mishka and she waits for her treat eagerly on the sidewalk. In this viral video, she’s seen standing outside and waiting for the truck to come near her.

And, the ice cream truck driver knows her very well and her order-he scoops it out for her and gives it to her.

Mishka, like most other dogs, is rarely able to make the treat last-she gulps it down in only a couple of bites.

Believe us, this video is the cutest thing you’ll see today-you’ll love seeing Mishka wagging her tail in anticipation of her treat.

Dogs are our favourite creatures that make us smile.

Don’t you agree? What do you like the most about this video? Does your dog eat ice cream?

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