Instead of Going Out on 4th of July, these People Comforted Shelter Animals during the Fireworks

This story will definitely make you feel better about humanity. This 4th of July in Phoenix, Arizona, a wonderful thing happened.

Namely, the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control launched an experimental program called the Calming Companions which includes inviting people into the shelters to sit with the dogs and cats that live there.

Unfortunately, the loud noise during the fireworks on this holiday can be a challenge and quite scary for a lot of animals, especially in the cramped-up conditions common in shelters.

The amount of people who came to comfort animals was quite big-200 caring volunteers visited either of the organizations’ shelters.

Volunteers Come to Comfort Dogs & Cats in Shelters during 4th July Fireworks

The volunteers even brought their own chairs and blankets in order to be able to sit while reading, playing music, and entertaining the dogs.

The staff at the shelters provided toys, games, and treats to keep the dogs and cats entertained.

The joint effort contributed to a wonderful experience for both sides.

One of the volunteers, Amy Engel, said that this even was absolutely amazing because all of the dogs and cats loved the attention and were focused on the visitors, rather than on the fireworks happening outside.

But, this isn’t always the case in shelters of this organization-they’re used to the chaos which these celebrations with fireworks bring.

Dogs can easily get scared from the noise of the fireworks and begin to fear for their safety. This is actually one of the busiest days for shelter workers.

Indeed, although fireworks can be a real spectacle and bring a lot of joy in many people, not everyone can stand this loud noise.

The Calming Companions initiative was successful and it will probably happen next year too. The organization is working hard on caring for the animals in their community and helping reunite pets with their families and finding forever homes for the stray dogs.




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