Man Buys Flower Truck for Senior Center Residents to Make their Bouquets

One flower truck owner said her heart was full when a man bought all of the flowers she was selling to bring some joy and positivity in the local home for senior citizens.

Joline Willsey, the owner of the Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck in Grand Prairie, Alberta shared the amazing event with her friends on Facebook.

The photo showed the sweet seniors lined up near the truck to make their own bouquets.

She wrote ‘isn’t this the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? My heart is full from being a part of this amazing experience this afternoon.’

What Did Exactly Happen on this Wonderful Summer Day?

During the weekend, as Willsey explained, one gentleman approached her truck and had the most thoughtful idea.

He asked if he could buy all of the flowers on the truck and asked if she can park the truck at the Senior Citizens complex.

He wanted the senior residents to come and pick flowers and to make their own bouquets and put it in their room.

Rene Blais who works at the RB Oilfield Hauling Inc said that this man brought an immense amount of joy and happiness among the seniors and they are very grateful for his generosity.

More than just a Simple Gift

This thoughtful act was much more than generosity-it was a way to provide an activity for the lovely senior people.

They come out in the air, chat with each other, and exercise their imagination about the best bouquet.

Indeed, this generous act shows us that we need to be more thoughtful about our older generations and celebrate and support them more often.

They were here before us, they helped us build the world we live in today, and worked to make our world a better place.

Let’s show them we care-it doesn’t have to be a big act, just a kind one…




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