One Man Learned Robotics on YouTube & Now He’s Making Affordable 3D Prosthetics for Others

As a child, Easton LaChappelle was amazed by robotics and how it worked-so, he decided to dedicate himself to his passion and learn more about making prosthetics.

He took on YouTube lessons and tried out numerous experiments and successfully mastered everything from the basis of robotics to software interface and reading sensors.

The 25-year-old Easton used his acquired skills to make a working device that brought him to the White House Science Fair with the then-president of the US, Barrack Obama.

The Moment that Helped Him Find His Mission

During the science fair days, the native of Colorado met with a young girl with a prosthetic arm that looked archaic, but it cost around $80,000.

He remembered thinking to himself ‘is this really her best available option?’

From this moment on, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to solve the problem of affordability of prosthetic devices and to make tech that can help people on a deep level.

Unfortunately, worldwide, there are more than 40 million people with amputations and only 5 percent of them have access to prosthetics. This wasn’t something he could come into peace with and wanted to change it and improve the situation.

His first step was to develop a working prototype and then later he founded his company Unlimited Tomorrow which makes low cost, machine-made prosthetic limbs.

TrueLimb, a 3D Printed Prosthetic Device Available at Lower Price

In less than 30 days, his company collected $1.568 million to release the first product and help supply million of prosthetic devices to individuals globally at a lower price.

Their product is known as TrueLimb and it’s an affordable prosthetic limb printed using a 3D printer.

It uses a specific remote-fitting process personalized to the individual’s skin tone, size, and shape to fit optimally.

He says that it’s because of YouTube that he could transform his passion into a business which is now positively influencing people worldwide.




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