Zeus the Rescued Blind Owl with Stunning Galaxy in Its Eyes

If the eyes are really the windows of our soul, then this owl, named Zeus, has the whole universe inside him as his eyes look like a galaxy.

His eyes are a pure reflection of the universe we live in and of the stunning and starry heavens shining every night.

This Western Screech owl has the most beautiful eyes; sadly, he’s almost blind. It has only 10 percent of his vision and cannot be released back into the wild.

This is why he’s being taken care of in the Wildlife Learning Center in California.

Zeus, the Owl with the Most Stunning Eyes

Zeus was named after the Greek God of sky and thunder because they were inspired  by impressive eyes that express the cosmos’ beauty.

According to the team from the southern California’s wildlife learning center, in their 40-plus years of working with wildlife, they’ve never seen something like this.

They’ve taken care of Zeus since of 2012 when it was rehabilitated. Despite his almost total blindness, Zeus is doing great and hangs out with them and is a happy bird.

Why Do His Eyes Look like They Do?

His eyes look like that because of a combo of protein clots and blood pigments. The owl was probably attacked by a predator or had some flying accident. Because of this problem, he couldn’t be released back into nature as it can’t hunt for itself.

This is why the team decided to help and feed Zeus daily. When meeting Zeus, some people are taken to tears and it’s remarkable how his disability increases people’s sensitivity, awareness, and concern about screech owls, but other types of wildlife too.

Zeus is an ambassador of the center and their joy. They consider it more than responsibility caring for him; for them, it’s a privilege.