Quantum Glass Battery Will Change the World

Quantum glass batteries or glass batteries are the next frontier in electric cars.

They’re often referred to as the ‘forever battery’ and the holy grail of batteries is expected to solve the two major issues that have been preventing a wide acceptance of electric cars (limited battery life and slow charging).

What Kind of Battery Is the Glass Battery & Will it Change the World?

This type of solid battery uses electrolyte and lithium or electrodes from sodium metal.

It’s an invention of John Goodenough, a Nobel Prize scientists and professor at the Texas University in Austin.

He’s the contributor of the development of the lithium-ion battery as well which is used widely in electric cars nowadays.

The glass ones are considered longer-lasting than the standard lithium ones. The estimated time for recharging is several minutes rather than hours.

For Goodenough, this new battery tech could store intermittent solar and wind power on the electric grid.

Game-Changing Batteries Are Not a New Thing

Back in 2014, Japanese researchers offered a new, cotton-based design that was considered reliable, safe, energy dense, and sustainable.

Donald Sadoway, an eminent battery researchwe and MIT materials science and engineering professor said that when Goodenough makes an announcement, he pays attention.

He considers him the best in the field and amazing scientists.

When Goodenough invented the lithium-ion battery in the 80s, no one in the battery or electronics industry took it seriously.

Only Japanese labs and companies such as Sony began to explore the world we know of today with lithium-ions powering portable devices and electric vehicles.

If glass batteries become available on a commercial level, the phenomenon of flaming or exploding laptops and smartphones could become a thing of the past.




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