Adorable Seal Can’t Stop Cuddling a Plush Toy that’s Its Mini-Me

This is definitely one of the cutest things we’ve seen lately-a rescued earless seal hugging its plush version.

The lovely seal lives in the Okhotsk Tokkari Center in Japan’s Hokkaido Prefecture and it was given the stuffed toy by the staff working there.

However, little did they know that the seal would fall in love with its new best friend that much.

The seal has been rescued because of an injury and now, it’s beyond happy having a mini-me plush toy to hug with all day.

It even gave him a ride on its back.

Helping Injured Earless Seals & other Animals in Need too

The center, the only marine conservation facility in Japan, specializes in sheltering seals without ears and tokkari actually means earless seal in Ainu.

Since this love story was too cool not to share with others, the center shared the cute photos on their official Twitter.

The public loved them right away and the tweet was retweeted 26,000 times.  We definitely agree that the photos are amazing!

Hokkaido: a Paradise for Animal Lovers

If you love animals and if you’re ever in Japan, you have to visit Hokkaido, the paradise for all animal lovers.

This prefecture feels almost untouched by humans and you can see a long list of wildlife, including deer, marine creatures, and birds.

Earless seals are also there because the center is a preservation facility for these seals.

A lot of them have been injured in the wild. For example, seals caught in fishing nets. The center provides rehabilitation in a safe surrounding before they’re returned into the wild, their home.

The staff informs visitors about each of the seals and why they’re there. You can also spot signs on the tanks with info about each seal, including their name, gender, age, and other interesting info.

Interaction with seals is also possible and really incredible, according to visitors. They can perform a long list of tricks, like rolling and flipping to commands, catching the rings on their necks, and more.

It’s clearly evident that they’re very intelligent creatures. Visitors can also feed them if they want to and the center will provide you with gloves.

Petting the seals is also possible; surely, you’re advised not to make sudden moves or loud noises to prevent scaring them. Those who’ve petted them say that they feel wet and smooth.