Architect Transforms Home into a Lush Rainforest with over 400 Plants

An architect from Melbourne, Jason Chongue, has a deep love for all things green and so he transformed his home into a rainforest after years of collecting unusual and rare plants.

With a small outdoor space to work with, the 32-year-old Chongue transferred the gardening indoors. Since then, he has filled every part of his home with hanging and potted plants with different sizes and shapes.

The last time he counted, he reached the number 400, both indoors and outdoors. But, he claims the number is higher.

Architect in Love with Plants Transforms His Home in a Lush Rainforest

Chongue explains that filling his home with these plants was a result of insufficient outdoor space for his gardening obsession.

In a dense urban community, outdoor space is considered a premium, so, his answer was indoor gardening. Luckily, there are a large number of plants which can grow indoors.

He says his love for plants began from a young age when he used to help his parents and grandparents during gardening.

He quickly became amazed by nature and greenery; from plants to pets he was obsessed. He would spend days in the garden, experimenting and growing anything he could get his hands on.

Throughout the years, he’s explored a variety of species and types and his collection has significantly increased. He actually has some plants with him from his childhood, whereas others are newer additions.

Plants Can Bring so much Positivity in Our Lives

His obsession with plants is a direct result of his passion for greenery and the ability of plants to bring a major difference in our living spaces. His plants have brought him an immense joy and allowed him a green escape from his daily urban life.

He loves walking into his home-it feels so comforting and grounding. For him, it’s his haven with fresh air and a place to mentally rest.

His Passion for Greens Transformed into a Business

Back in 2016, Chongue co-founded the Plant Society, a plant social network for like-minded collectors, gardeners, and growers.

He says it’s been so amazing motivating people about growing plants and being there to support them. With so many plants under his roof, he says he regularly checks on all of his greenery to provide enough nutrition, water, and light.

His family and friends are amazed with his garden and they love visiting. They’re happy when they come in his lush forest.

He advises planters these five things: focusing on the basics, taking it slowly, not neglecting your plants, not panicking when there’s a problem, and speaking up.