Burger King to Test Reusable Packaging Starting 2021

Burger King might get a bit greener, i.e. a bit eco-friendlier.

The popular fast food chain will release a pilot program that will help lower the environmental impact they have on the globe by testing new reusable packaging.

For the project, they’ve partnered up with the circular packaging service of Terra Cycle, i.e. Loop.

According to representatives, the idea is to serve their items in reusable sandwich containers or drink cups.

When the customer is done with their meal and drink, they return the package which will be properly cleaned and then reused for their next customer.

But, You Can Opt Out of this Option If You Want to

Those who don’t want to can opt out of this process. However, if you do decide to have your food in reusable packaging, you’ll receive a refund when you bring it back.

This program, which is expected to start in 2021, will take place in their restaurants in New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Tokyo. They will be the first to implement the program and more cities will be later added.

According to Matthew Banton who’s the head of innovation and sustainability at Burger King Global, they are investing in sustainable packaging alternatives that will help push the food service industry forward into lowering waste caused by packaging.

Thanks to the Loop system, they believe that this reusable solution which meets their standards for high safety is also convenient for their guests.

Hopes for this Little, but Important Effort to Save Our Planet

Although some may consider this process quite tedious, the parent company of the chain, Restaurant Brands, is decisive on giving it a go and hopes that their customers will put a bit more effort to help their environment.

Unfortunately, food packaging’s toll on the planet is large, both by littering our environment and also by the high energy needed during their manufacturing.




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