By 2035, Gas-Powered Cars Won’t Be Sold in California

According to the signed executive order to ban sales of new combustion-engine vehicles in California by Governor Gavin Newsom which will start in 2035, there will be a major change in the infrastructure of transportation.

This state is definitely serious about its role in helping our planet.

The signed order will ban the sale of cars powered by gas since 2035. Any car will then have to have zero emissions.

This comes as the quite potent move in a state where smog is a daily issue.

And, transportation is to blame for 80 percent of the pollution caused by smog and 50 percent of the pollution by carbon.

Impactful Change as a Move to Fight against Climate Change

According to Newsom, this is the crucial step which the country took to fight against the disastrous effects of climate change.

He notes how we’ve allowed cars to pollute the air we breathe for decades.

Now, Californians won’t have to worry if the cars they drive will give their children asthma and cars won’t be a threat to their precious beaches and coastline.

However, this doesn’t mean that all of the cars will be free of emissions by 2035.

Still, there will be cars crossing over the state lines and cars bought before this year. Those who purchase used cars or leave the state to buy cars will have a loophole, but at least for now.

But, the stance of the democratic governor is powerful and it’s only one of those multiple actions mandated to reduce transport-caused pollution.

In addition to the new cars and trucks, the drayage trucks will also be required to go zero emissions by 2035 and by 2045, all of the medium-duty and heavy-duty cars should go emissions free where doable.

Currently however; electric vehicles are more expensive than the ones powered by gas, but this is changing.

In the upcoming years, it’s believed that the manufacturers can even the costs and by 2035, buying a zero emission vehicle won’t have to mean spending more.