Dad Reveals How He Accepted His 11-Year-Old Son’s Dream to Perform as Drag Queen

The father of the youngest drag queen of Britain admits that he had struggles trying to accept the dreams of his son. But, he soon became blown away by the skills he had in performing.

Fabian Butler who’s 11 and lives in South Wales began wearing his mother’s clothes and makeup at the age of 7.

Since then, he’s also become the youngest drag star in UK and he performs under the name Francheska Valley.

His father explains how he was touched by how much his son was an inspiration for others and the viewers praised him and his wife.

People said that his father is amazing and understanding.

The Father Was Hurt & Thought it Was just a Phase

Darren says that he was born in the 70s, raised in the 80s and 90s and then, this was very frowned upon. This is why he believed his son was just going through a phase when he found out.

But, it became longer and longer and it hurt him at times because as a father with a boy, you expect doing boy stuff, said the father.

However, Fabian is a natural performer. He had his moments of dealing with a difficulty accepting him, but now they’re long behind and he’s fully supportive of him.

Fabian decided to drag after he watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race and performed at the DragCon in London in front of 7000 guests.

Darren was already amazed by the talents of his son, but he was blown away even more after they watched him perform at the popular event together with his wife, the boy’s mother.

His Family Got a lot of Support & Praise

People came up to him and told him ‘I wish I had a father like you back then.’

The boy’s mother Rachel said that the ambitions of her son never shocked her-she realized how much he loved makeup since a young age.

According to Fabian, he would put on his mother’s jewelry and rings and mess around with her dresses and makeup.

He also said he feels amazing, entirely different, and sassy while he’s performing as Francheska and he even got a surprise video message from his drag idol queens Courtney Act.

Act wrote him how inspired she is by him and his ability to show his colors fearlessly.




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