People with these 5 Zodiac Signs are Cold as Ice

The word ‘cold’ is the opposite of warm-it’s unresponsive, unavailable, and unsympathetic.

When used to describe a person, we want to say that this person is quite rigid, indifferent to the emotions of others, and focused mostly on themselves.

According to astrology beliefs, some zodiac signs are much colder than other ones. The reasons for this may be numerous. The person may be trying to keep themselves safe and defending themselves.

Maybe they haven’t been given enough love in their family so it’s not easy for them to express their emotions. These people are comfy when shutting down others and tend to show little or no care for your struggles and feelings.

They can even feel annoyed when you begin to share stuff-this is why you should know not to look for sympathy from these 5 zodiac signs!

The 5 Cold as Ice Zodiac Signs

  • Capricorns

Capricorns are known to rarely allow their feelings to get to them-so, whenever possible, they will come off as cold, rather than a person ruled by their emotions. They believe that having the right image is pivotal for success and they’ll do everything to keep up with their image.

For them, sentimentality or thinking about the past makes them look weak and diminishes their presentation to others.

They’re more on the logical and practical side.

  • Cancer

A lot of you would probably wonder how a cancer can be cold as ice when they’re generally considered emotional and loving.

However, did you know that their emotions can make them look cold?

If someone has hurt them or betrayed them, they’ll become distant and show no emotions. They will act like that one is dead to them.

There’s no coming back from this. They’re the people who hold grudges, keep score, and will ensure their enemy pays for what they did.

  • Aquarius

Aquarius people like to keep their feelings in check and would be very pleased if others would do the same.

They rarely waste their brain on helping someone with an emotional struggle if they can avoid this.

So, they’re not a very good person to go to when you need a shoulder to cry on. They appear as aloof and cold and they know this.

  • Gemini

Geminis are quite unpredictable-one moment they’re warm and welcoming and the next they’re treating you unfriendly and acting cold.

But, they’re never totally indifferent. If they’ve been hurt or someone they love, they’ll turn cold very fast and they’ll show you they dislike you.

They won’t care for any of your excuses and will shut down if you try to talk with them.

  • Virgo

In a lot of moments, a virgo will believe they’re the smartest and best person in the room and they don’t think others are half as amazing as they are.

They’re people who love to learn and then show off their knowledge.

They’re obsessed with the things going on in their heads and therefore, they sometimes ignore the things in their heart.

They may seem like too smart for their own good and cold and emotionless.

This is because they’re constantly searching for perfection and therefore, they have little time and patience for mistakes, flaws, and other humane things.

But, they may not be cold deliberately-they may not even be aware of how they appear to others.




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