Photographer Takes Beautiful Pictures of His Dog on their Norwegian Adventures

For a lot of people, happiness is a dog and adventures.

At least, it’s the biggest source of happiness for this man, a professional photographer, who’s opened up an Instagram to show his adventures with his dog, Troja, an Irish setter.

From their stunning photos, we can agree that George Rotan is one of the happiest people in the world.

For years, he’s been going on adventures throughout the wilderness in Norway with beautiful Troja as his stunning and loyal sidekick.

One Man & Dog’s Adventures in the Norwegian Wilderness

The man-dog-duo now has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram and they have won people’s hearts.

Rotan explains that he and Troja are always together on hikes, but he never considered photographing her until people who were on the trail started complimenting her look.

After this, he started to photograph her frequently and says how it led to a much stronger connection between the two. They really have a special bond and always showcase the beauty of the landscape surrounding them.

From the trails among the lush and green forests to the doggy paddles in lakes, every image gives a feeling of wanderlust.

Troja is always looking so majestic checking out the landscape and pouncing through snow, while always being next to her human, wherever he’s headed.

But, Troja Wasn’t Always so Outgoing, Explains Rotan

Despite their current happy life of adventures, Troja wasn’t always an outgoing dog. When she was first adopted by Rotan in 2012, she was quite anxious to change her home.

She was a weak and insecure puppy, but her soulful and unique personality is what made Rotan fall in love with her.

He vowed to help her feel better. He began to slowly introduce her to new dogs, people, and places and even wild animals.

Today, she is the most spirited dog ever. Moreover, Rotan emphasizes the immense influence Troja has had on her life and personal development.

He notes how she has shown him why humans and dogs have coexisted so peacefully for thousands of years.

If you want to keep up with the adventures of the coolest duo ever, make sure you follow them on Instagram!




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