Dog Desperately Clinging to Wall Rescued from Hurricane Eta Floods

This video of a heartwarming moment when a shivering dog was saved during recent floods in Mexico went viral.

During the hurricane Eta, the drenched Labrador was clinging to a metal window box located outside of a home in the Tabasco region.

The rescue team was floating through the area searching for stranded residents when they spotted the sweet male pooch.

The video shows how one of the workers of the Marine Secretaries reaching over to take the dog and then gently stroking him to gain its trust.

Several seconds later, the dog successfully put its paws on the rowing boat and was lifted aboard to safety.

Shaking Dog Is Saved from Flooded Area

The rescue worker Eric Ramirez said that the dog is now taken to a rescue shelter where he is recovering.

The sweet dog is young, around one or two years old.

He was quite weakened and hungry and was given water and food ASAP. He was shaking and was frightened as he desperately held onto the rails nearby, trying not to sink in.

The SNM reported that the 24-hour period up until the 6th of November, 315 mm of rain fell in Oxolotan in Tabasco State and 279.5 mm in Escalon in the Chiapas State.

A lot of people unfortunately lost their lives due to the hurricane which is now being strengthened to Category 4 as it swept through the western Caribbean and moved into Central America.

Unfortunately, Eta has killed more than 130 people in this region with the torrential rains led to flash floods and mudslides in Central America and Mexico.

The forecasters warned that the surge could reach 15 to 20 feet above the normal tides. The evacuations were led from low-lying areas in Honduras and Nicaragua, near the shared border.

We wish the doggo a healthy recovery and to find a forever home!

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video below; but, we warn you, you may need tissues:




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