Deceptively Simple Brother & Sister Riddle Baffles the Internet

Brain teaser and puzzle lovers, unite: there’s a new, viral riddle, which has been baffling the internet for some time now!

This brain game requires from the participants to figure out how many people are in this one family; and, this has left a lot of people a bit confused by the question whereas others simply found it quite funny.

This riddle, which has been circling the web for quite some time now, asks: mom and dad have 4 daughters and each of these daughters has a brother. How many people are there in the family?

Don’t worry, we’ll give you a moment to think it through and read it several times to get the gist of it. Make sure you carefully read it before you give the ultimate answer!

Why Is this Riddle so Popular on the Internet?

The main reason why this riddle is baffling people on the internet has to do with one funny, viral story about parents who were telling the riddle to their daughter.

Namely, the mom and dad managed to confuse their daughter in the 7-minute video in which they were jokingly asking from her to solve it and to explain how she solved it.

The girl’s answer, which she constantly gave with a slight frustration, was 10.

However, unfortunately for this girl, and any other people who thought this was the solution, it’s actually completely wrong!

But, don’t worry; it’s definitely not impossible to think like this, especially because at a first glance, the riddle seems to suggest that there are 4 sisters and 4 brothers.

So, what Is the Correct Answer?

The answer is actually 7, the mom and dad included, as well as the 4 sisters, and 1 brother.

As each daughter in the riddle has ONE brother only, this means they share the same, one brother. He is the only male sibling in the female-dominated pack.

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