‘Seven Candles’ Riddle Stumps the Internet: Can YOU Figure it Out?

We really love brain teasers and puzzles and we know that many of our readers do too; and, from the numerous puzzles and riddles we shared with you throughout the years, this one seems to be the most entertaining.

It’s a puzzle that involves candles and plenty of people are actually struggling to come up with the real solution.

So, what it’s all about?

This riddle was first seen on Instagram and it said ‘I have 7 candles lit. 2 blew out. How many candles do I have left?

People who got it wrong had to share it on their stories (short-term photo that goes away after 24 hours). When a lot of users started to share this teaser, a lot of people were left confused.

So, How Many Candles Did You Have?

A lot of people jumped quickly and said that the answer to the riddle is 5. However, even if this was your first instinct too, it’s not correct; but, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This does hold some truth: 7-5 does equal 2. However, there’s no need of making any subtractions here; this riddle never said that these two candles that blew out also went away.

Are you now closer to the solution?


The correct answer to this puzzle is 7. Yes, despite two candles being blown out, all of the 7 candles are still too.

Quite easy now, isn’t it?

If you had fun with this interesting puzzle, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. What were their guesses? Don’t forget to share your answers with us in the comment section below…