‘Number of Letters’ Riddle Is Stumping the Internet

Who doesn’t enjoy a quality puzzle or a brainteaser, right? Knowing this, whenever possible, we try to share the best ones with you.

The latest one that we discovered is definitely stumping the internet and we had to check out what the fuss is all about.

But, you may need to brace yourselves, even if you’re the biggest riddle enthusiast out there; this one is a real head scratcher!

We know you’re probably impatient to check it out. Let’s go!

‘Number of Letters’ Riddle Has been Confusing the Internet

Here’s what the riddle asks from us:

What has 4 letters, sometimes 9 letters, but never 5?’

Don’t worry if you’re confused-you’re not alone. How could a word have various numbers of letters in it?

Is this a common phrase or a saying with couple of words just removed? Or, is it a general topic with specific examples?

We were surely lost! You’re not the only ones…

Here’s a Hint:

The ‘question’ of this riddle isn’t a question at all. This is contrary to what a lot of people on the internet thought at first when trying to solve it.

Namely, you should focus on the words ‘what’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘never’ and spell them out, one by one. And, we should look at it as more of a statement sentence, rather than one with a question.

When we do this, we realize that what has 4 letters, just like the riddle points out. Then, sometimes has 9 letters and then we realize that never also has 5 letters when we spell each letter.

After we realize this, it’s easier to have a different look on the riddle, rather than reading it as a question, but rather a statement!

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