This Off-Grid Eco Cabin in Australia Has all You Need

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of amazing tiny houses, some of which took our breaths away.

One more to this list is definitely Thoreau’s cabin that is built in NSW in Australia by Richie Northcott and Alice Nivison from the Fresh Prince Studio.

The home is simple and minimal. However, it’s never referred by its creators as a tiny home, although it’s on a chassis.

The 160-square foot cabin is also mobile as the portable design allows it to be perched on the edge of a river or towed up the banks if the river elevates.

According to the creators’ website, their idea was to build an off-grid cabin which is sustainable, simple, and movable. They wanted to create a comfy retreat which allows enjoyment near the river and the wild.

Minimal Footprint in Various Aspects

The creators designed this home to have as smaller as possible footprint, both environmentally and physically.

To this extent, the cabin has solar power, a sustainable plywood lining, a composting toilet, wax cladding, exposed brass and copper plumbing, and reconstituted sawdust.

The cladding is an Aussie product made using forest thinning and other industry by-products.

The plan is also quite minimal: there’s a generous bathroom on one end, a bed on the other, and a minimal kitchen with a small fridge and a gas stove in the middle.

It also helps that this is a home located in Australia where you can have big opened doors to the outside.

And, it’s easier to be minimalist when making a vacation cabin instead of a full-time home. Still, we don’t think there’s something else missing here-maybe just Wi-Fi.

In this cabin, life can be simple and free of clutter. What do you think about this cabin? Would you live in a similar one? What would you add/remove?



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