Waitress Who Was Denied $2,000 Tip Got Paid by Her Boss

A waitress from Texas who said she was prevented from receiving a $2000 tip from a customer was now given the amount by her boss.

The waitress, Emily Bauer, was on her shift in the Red Hook Seafood & Bar in San Antonio when one male customer left her with a $2000 tip.

However, the mother-of-two didn’t receive the money when the shift ended because her bosses claimed they couldn’t process tips larger than $500.

Bauer then reached out to a local news network with the story which stirred a lot of negative publicity for the restaurant.

The Owner of the Bar Told a Different Story

The owner of the bar, John Cheng, told a different story-he explained that the card of the customer was declined and he couldn’t process the $2000 to Bauer.

Still, several days after, Cheng tried to solve the problem and decided to pay Bauer the exact sum from his own pocket.

He said that it’s Christmas season and that everyone is struggling-he gave it to her as a gift for Christmas.

However, Bauer apologized if she brought any negative attention to her employer and said it was a misunderstanding. She believes that the way the story is being explained isn’t how it was explained to her at that time.

She was also overwhelmed by her boss because he gave her $2000 from his own pocket. The fact that he’s willing to do this, although it wasn’t his fault, is something she could never thank him enough for.

Unfortunately, another employee said that they’ve had zero customers all day because of the bad publicity. And, the public made them look like the owners deliberately stole Bauer’s tip.

‘The Tip Couldn’t Be Processed through Our System’ Said the Owners

The management of the bar took it to Facebook to prove that this tip never actually went through their system.

They explained that they tried several times and it was constantly declined-they couldn’t charge $500 four times because it’s impossible and considered a fraud.

They also shared in their post that the men who left the tip called to check if Bauer got the money or not. When they explained him that the tip wouldn’t process and if he would be kind enough to come and pay in cash or write up a check, he said ‘ok’ and then hung up.

His identity remains a secret-and, he hasn’t yet come forward. For now, it seems like he played a prank on the waitress by writing this huge amount on his bill.




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