A Girl Collects $30K in Donations & Gives them to a Homeless Man Who Returned Her Grandma’s lost Wallet

This 12-year-old girl donated money to a homeless man who gave back her grandma’s lost wallet. She raised thousands of dollars  for him and hopes they’ll raise enough to find him housing.

The homeless man, Sean Currey, was searching for some food in a dumpster behind one coffee shop in San Rafael, California in December when he saw a wallet to one 80-year-old Evelyn Topper, a resident of Mill Valley.

Currey Calls Topper to Give Back Her Wallet

Although Currey was homeless for several years and shortly thought of using the cards that were inside, he didn’t. Instead, he called Topper and told her he has her wallet.

He later explained that anyone in the situation of homelessness, cold, and hunger wouldn’t think for a second to give back credit cards they found. However, whether you’re going to do it or not are two distinct things.

He said he would rather be hungry and cold, yet know he did the right thing.

After Mikayla Gounard, Topper’s granddaughter, heard about the situation, she wanted to express her gratitude for the man by raising money for him.

Since she started, she collected more than $30K in donations. A lot of it was raised during Mikayla’s drive-by birthday fundraiser. Her whole family has become friends with Currey. For them, it’s not charity, but compassion-the highest form of love.

Topper Was Amazed He Returned the Wallet

Topper unfortunately lost her wallet in December 2020 while she was picking up latte and a boba tea for herself and her niece.

The security camera footage showed Evelyn paying for the beverages and putting back the wallet into the pocket of her jacket. But, she never closed it, which seems to be how she lost it.

She realized her wallet was gone when she came home. She called the coffee shop and looked for it in her car and house. She thought it must’ve slipped out on the parking lot. She was worried because it contained everything; including her medicare card, debit card, and credit card.

Currey and Topper met in the parking lot near a shopping center, which is also where Currey parks his car in which he’s currently living inside.

Evelyn met with him and gave him money to show her appreciation. She later called her daughter and granddaughter to tell them about the good deed.

Mikayla loved to see Currey smile and she was so touched. It was amazing knowing that people of her age wanted to help. The goal is to raise enough money to get him out of the streets and find him housing.




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