CEO of Spanx Sara Blakely, a Billionaire, Says People Who Achieve their Dreams Share this Trait

According to the founder and CEO of Spanx, Sara Blakely, the key difference between those who fulfill their dreams and those who don’t is quite simple.

In an Instagram post she shared recently, the billionaire entrepreneur revealed that it’s not about ton of money, ton of brains or ton of experience.

Here’s what she believes is the key to getting what we want from life.

Spanx CEO Reveals Trait of Successful People

In her post, Blakely said how two decades ago, she was a girl with a day job and one crazy idea. She had no money, no knowledge or experience in the industry.

But, she went for it. She believes everything in life is ‘day one or one day’.

Blakely launched Spanx back in 1998 with $5000 she had in her savings from selling fax machines. Without any background in business, design or manufacturing, she managed to make Spanx a billion-dollar brand.

The road wasn’t easy and she encountered numerous challenges-from having doors slammed in her face and her business cards ripped up.

She was struggling with funding. After she constantly cold called a buyer for Neiman Marcus, she asked their rep to join her in the bathroom during a meeting so she can how her how Spanx worked.

During the meeting with the representative of Neiman Marcus, Blakely felt she was losing her and had to try once more.

When she asked the rep to join her in the bathroom, she replied ‘excuse me?’

She told her she realizes it’s a bit weird, but asked her once more and said how she wants to present how the product works before and after.

She went in and put Spanx underneath her clothes and came out-this is when the rep told her ‘wow, I get it now-it’s brilliant.’

I Could’ve just Sit Back & Keep Dreaming, but I Did Something about It

Blakely often says how she could’ve easily sat back and tapped herself on the back, saying one day.

She could continue dreaming, wishing, and hoping. But no-she went and did it and that one day is now 20 years ago.

For her, doing something about her dream is what made all the difference in her life. According to Forbes, Blakely is worth $610 million.

What Is Spanx?

Spanx Inc. is an American underwear manufacturer that makes shaping leggings and briefs and they mostly sell pantyhose and underwear for women.

As of 2010, they also make male underwear. The goal is to sell foundation garments that help make people appear thinner.




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