Here’s Why You Should Put Match Sticks in the Soil of Your Plants

Although you may find it weird at first, putting match sticks in the soil of your indoor plants can do wonders for them!

Plants indoors don’t just help us breathe a cleaner air; they also improve our aesthetics and bring a fresh, green vibe to our space.

However, often times, no matter how much we try to care for them so that they can grow happy and healthy, they don’t.

We end up having plants struggling with diseases, plants that wilt, plants that experience root rot. We’re devastated when this happens because we connect with our plants so much.

This is when we wish we knew some gardening hack that’s used by the more experienced gardeners. Luckily, you’re in the right place. We’re going to share one amazing trick that involves match sticks.

Why You Should Put Match Sticks in the Soil of Your Plants

You needn’t spend money on chemical products to have thriving plants- you just need a cheap box of match sticks. You’ll need a dozen of matches per a plant. Take the matches and stick them all around the soil vertically. Leave them for a week or so.

And, sit and watch how your plants’ health improves. This is because of what the matches are made of. Namely, thanks to the sulfur and phosphorus they contain, they’ll help you remove any bugs safely and efficiently, thus improving the plant’s breathability.

In a way, they’ll act as a deterrent for pests and also enrich the soil with important nutrients. This method is particularly beneficial for food and herb plants.

What are the Other Benefits of Putting Match Sticks in the Plant’s Soil?

  • It acts as a fertilizer; when you water the plant, the match stick’s head will gradually release magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorus into the soil
  • It strengthens the roots; the phosphorus will help improve the health of the root system




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