Impressive Uses of Charcoal for a Lush Garden

If you’re dreaming of a lush garden with all kinds of flowers and veggies, adding charcoal to their soil is a simple, yet potent method.

The reasons for adding charcoal to your plants are numerous. Some of the best are definitely the ability to raise the pH levels, better the air flow, and boost the soil’s capacity to retain nutrients and water.

When you add it once, its benefits will keep on for years and years. Charcoal is very porous and has a lot of nutrients from the organic material which is it’s made of.

Its low density will lighten up heavier soils and ensure the root grows better. Below, check out how to use it in the garden starting today.

How to Make Your Own for Your Garden to Thrive

First, it’s important to note you can make your own charcoal for your garden, also known as biochar. But, choose a no-wind and calm day. Since you’ll need to use live fire, it’s essential to stay safe.

Then, dig a hole or trench in your garden. Loosen up the soil in the bottom and add sticks, dried leaves, and any other organic matter. Then, set it on fire. Remember, this will go into the soil so never use charcoal lighter, gasoline or other chemicals!

Since you want the fire to burn fast and hot in the beginning and then the flames to reduce a little, bury the pile with dirt to remove the oxygen.

The fire will now burn slower. Monitor it and when the larger pieces are around 3 inches, put it out with water. Leave the embers to cool down entirely before you add the charcoal to the soil.

Pulverize it until it’s in pieces the size of peas or smaller. You can crush it to achieve this-put it in a heavy sack and punch it with a baseball bat or a wood piece.

If you don’t want to go through this process, you can always head to the nearest garden shop and buy horticultural charcoal-not the one made for outdoor grills! Using this type of charcoal for your garden isn’t recommendable because it often contains chemicals.

How to Use Charcoal in the Garden?

Use your charcoal in the same way you would use manure or compost.

Lightly scatter it around the soil and work it in well. For every 2 square feet of a garden area, use a pound of charcoal.

Next, water and fertilize the soil well.




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