Real-Life Hero: This Plumber Helped Vulnerable Families by Fixing their Plumbing & Heating for Free

This real life hero, a plumber, refused to charge vulnerable customers when he fixed their boilers and pipes. Also, he spent around £50,000 helping individuals throughout the pandemic.

The generous plumber, James Anderson who lives in Burnley, last year pledged to help the elderly and people in financial problems in the winter period by offering them free plumbing services.

The 52-year-old hero closed his private company and launched a non-for-profit company named Depher or short for Disabled & Elderly Plumbing & Heating Emergency Response.

Since he launched the organization, he has helped thousands of people who’re struggling.

But, He Does Not just Do Plumbing for Free

As of the start of the pandemic, he spread his efforts beyond plumbing. Actually, he spent around £50,000 settling bailiff bills for the people who couldn’t pay, providing PPE for care homes and the NHS, and even set up a food bank.

They also did surprise birthday parties for 30 kids during the first lockdown.

 And, they also paid bills of people who couldn’t pay. They bought around 9 boilers and sorted bathrooms for people hit by rogue traders.

Anderson Has Worries, despite the Non-Profit Being Successful

Despite an immense support he got last year, the 53-year-old plumber feels anxious about Depher surviving the winter. So, he asked for additional help from people to be able to help elderly people free of charge.

He explained that it all depends on how bad the winter will be and this is still unknown. If it’s bad, a lot of money will be needed.

On the GoFundMe page, he has collected more than £10,000 to be able to get through this month, he says.

He is hoping and praying to get through. He was honest and said he’s a bit scared with the winter and the pandemic-it’s a nightmare to planning.

He also says he wakes up three or four times per night with anxiety as he’s not sure what will happen. But, he’s persistent and will carry on helping and saving lives.

His story of kindness went viral last year after a photo of £0 bill for a 91-year-old lady with acute leukemia was shared online.

Her receipt for the boiler repair had a side note saying ‘no charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24 hours to help keep her as comfy as possible’.

Depher also supported a disabled teen and installed him a specialist bath in his facility and didn’t charge him.




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