5-Year-Old Girl Sees Her Mother Collapses & Acts Fast to Save Her Life

In a strange accident, this 5-year-old girl named Priya saved her mom’s life when she collapsed because of a stroke.

The smart girl used Facetime to contact her dad and get help for her mother.

The family lives in Ireland and one day, the father, Damien, was on his way to work when he got the call on FaceTime from his daughter.

He was shocked when she told him that her momma, Damien’s wife, Mary, was on the floor. Previously, Damien taught the girl how to use their iPad to call him on Facetime.

‘I Wouldn’t Have Answered the Call at First, but I Did’

In a talk with a radio show, Damien explained that he wouldn’t have answered the call at first; however, for some reason, he did.

He recalls his baby girl crying and telling him her mom was drinking tea when she suddenly collapsed on the floor and was unable to get up. The sweet girl Priya then moved the phone to show her father that her mother was really on the floor.

Damien then ended the call right away and called Mary’s sister and parents who lived nearby; they rushed to their house right away.

911 arrived and took her to the hospital. After the scanning and tests, they found out she had suffered a stroke.

Doctors Praised the Daughter’s Quick Reaction

According to the doctors, there was a clot in Mary’s left side of the brain and the side had entirely shut down. She had to undergo surgery. Her husband thanked the surgeons for saving her life.

However, the doctor replied that there’s no need of thanking him for doing his job, but rather be thankful to their daughter who’s the real hero.

Indeed, the whole family is very proud of Priya and her quick wits. She helped save her mother’s life and acted fast.

What an amazing girl!




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