Blind Dog Can’t Contain Her Joy when She Senses Snow

This sweet, blind husky has become a viral sensation after a video of her was shared on TikTok by her owner, one Mandy Leung.

The dog, although blind, is unable to contain its joy from sensing snow in the video. This lively husky named Mackenzie is totally blind. She lost her sight in 2020, April, when she was only a puppy.

At first, it was only at one eye; however, after a month, due to glaucoma, she also lost the sight on the other eye too.

A Challenging Life from the Start, but She’s Loving every Second of it

She underwent surgery to have the eyes removed. Despite her struggles, Mackenzie is still a determined dog who enjoys life, literally every second of it.

According to Leung, her dog learning to adapt from a young age made her a very brave and confident girl. She easily adjusts to new places and fetches like she isn’t blind.

Sometimes, she adds, she even forgets that her dog is blind as sometimes she feels like she stares right into her.

Mackenzie, as the photos and videos on social media already show, is taking blindness in her stride. She’s a playful dog who enjoys long walks and balls.

Leung explains she is a very friendly dog and she never met someone she dislikes.

Mackenzie’s Favourite Thing Is Definitely Snow

Leung said of her dog that she loves snow so much and when it’s snowing outside, Mackenzie refuses to go back inside.

And, this is definitely seen in the video that made them popular- Mackenzie is running around their garden excited by the snow.

The video amassed 1.6 million views on TikTok and Mackenziethehusky is currently followed by more than 6000 people on Instagram.

Husky dogs are indeed one of the best-adapted dogs to snow and cold temperatures. This is thanks to their thick fur coat and a bushy, fox-like tail which helps keep them warm. And, their furry paws help them walk in the snow without feeling the cold.

Despite not being able to see snow, Mackenzie loves playing with it and she probably wishes it could snow all day, every day.