Dream Job Alert: Apply for a ‘Puptern’ & Get Paid $100 per Hour to Play with Dogs

If you think that playing with dogs is your true calling in life, you may find this job posting your dream-come-true job.

Namely, the MUTTS Canine Cantina, a bar and restaurant in Texas, offers a ‘pupternship’ which will pay the lucky winner $100 per hour to play with the dogs that come in the Dallas-Fort Worth location.

This dog-friendly restaurant allows patrons to bring dogs for a meal.

They provide a full bar with stunning tasty meals for humans, craft beer, and a wonderful dog part for the dogs to play in.

Nothing but Playing with the Dogs, Says Co-Founder

Although you may at first think that there are other strings attached to this job, the cofounder of the Canine Cantina says that this person will only be responsible for keeping the canines entertained and nothing more.

The chosen intern will also be offered food and drinks from the bar’s kitchen.

The prospective applicants have to follow the @MuttsCantina on Instagram and share a fun and engaging video or photo on their private accounts which will explain why they’re the ideal ‘puptern’.

They also need to make the account public and tag it with #MUTTSpuptern.

They didn’t require any interview or a resume.