Homeless Man Reunites with Distanced Family & Undergoes an Amazing Transformation

Indeed, even a small good act can go a long way and change one’s life. At least, this is what this homeless man from Brazil, Joao Coelho Guimaraes, experienced.

When Alessandro Lobo, a businessman, approached him, it was the start of Guimaraes’s transformation. Lobo, the owner of a fashion store for men and a barber service known as Padoo, offered him some food.

Guimaraes first turned it down and asked for another thing- to get his beard trimmed.

Lobo then gave him the full treatment and this is when the life-changing transformation happened and it also helped him reunite with his lost family.

Homeless Man Has the most Stunning Transformation & Reunites with Family

A team of barbers shaved Guimaraes and cut his hair, beard, and cleaned him up. Lobo also gave him free new clothes, three shirts, jeans, a jacket, and shoes.

In only 2 hours, Guimaraes was transformed-Lobo recalls how he was surprised and amazingly grateful. He didn’t have to say it-his tears spoke. They were surprised to see that this man wasn’t just beautiful on the inside, but on the outside too.

Sadly, he lived on the streets for more than 10 years and his family believed he was dead. Lobo took before and after pictures in the salon and they shared his transformation on their Instagram.

Guimaraes’ Family Recognizes Their Son & Brother on Instagram

Soon, the post went viral and it even reached Guimaraes’ family. It was his mom and sister who recognized him. On the 17th of December, his sister, Maria Coelho, came to Goiania to meet him at the salon.

He was beyond happy to have found his family; still, he said he doesn’t want to change his lifestyle. His sister offered to take him home, but he didn’t want to.

He claimed that he feels free on the streets. However, his makeover boosted his confidence and hope. And, in a time of a pandemic, when people lost loved ones and others were struggling financially, little help is more than welcomed.