Sweet Dog ‘Freaks’ Out when She Sees Squirrels ‘inside’ the TV

This sweet dog named Stella seems to have a slight obsession with squirrels. The golden retriever and chow-chow mix loves sitting on the back porch when the weather is nice and checking up on the lawn.

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She enjoys watching out for squirrels that are ‘invading’ her space. Her human mom, Bronwyn Crawford, says that Stella’s favorite thing is to watch the squirrels.

However, during the winter, the dog was spending less time outdoors doing her thing and the squirrels were also hiding in the trees and she couldn’t spot them as much as in spring and summer.

They felt Stella was missing out her outdoor adventures a lot.

Family Does everything to Keep Stella Happy

Crawford bought a stuffed squirrel toy for Stella to play with; however, it wasn’t as nearly as exciting as when she was watching these creatures outside.

After realizing the stuffed toy wasn’t much of a thrill for their dog, together with her partner, Crawford decided to find a new way to keep her happy.

They put on a YouTube show featuring squirrels and this immediately captured Stella-she was suddenly amazed by the close up of her favorite creatures, but other animals like birds and chipmunks as well.

Her family was beyond happy that Stella was enjoying watching these videos, same as she did when she spends time outside in the nice weather.

Previously, Crawford explained that Stella rarely paid attention to the TV so her reaction, which they caught on camera, was pretty hilarious. They recall that the first time Stella sat watching the animals on TV for a whole hour.

Now, whenever she wants to see them, she sits in front of the TV and waits for her hoomans to turn it on.

Crawford also explains she also watches them from her bed on their iPad. They’re beyond happy to have found something that helps Stella enjoy more. They say she brought a lot of love in their lives with her sassiness.

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