This Popular Twitch Streamer Saved a Girl from a Stalker Who Was Following Her around

One popular streamer on Twitch known as Robcdee once helped a girl on the street get rid of a stalker who was constantly following her around.

Robcdee, an English-born Australian lived in Japan at the period. He’s known for playing out some pretty unusual situations in front of the thousands of his followers that are often unpredictable and hilarous.

But, some are heroic, like this one when helped a woman get rid of a stalker.

Thanks to his quick wit and the woman’s smarts, they played it out well and get rid of the stalker.

How Did Robcdee Helped the Woman?

When he was residing in Tokyo, Japan, this Twitch streamer with more than 97.3 k followers on the popular social media and 17.2 k + YouTube subscribers, he saved the woman from a stalker.

While toying around with his phone making a video, he spotted a woman walking away from a local. This woman noticed Robcdee and approached, saying to the stalker that he’s her friend.

Robcdee immediately played along and then the man started to ask him questions. He told him he’s originally from Australia; soon, the disturbing situation was relaxed. The man went away.

When he did, the woman thanked him and told him this man was following her around for 2 days. He asked her if she’s in danger and she replied ‘yes’.

Thanks to his quick reaction, he helped the woman get rid of the stalker. Check out the whole video of the accident here: