This Teen & His Dog Are Vital in the Fight against Air Pollution; Here’s Why

This Labrador is considered to be the first canine in the UK who helps monitor the air pollution by a device that she wears on her collar.

The Labrador named Bagheera, nicknamed Baggy, records data closer to the ground, on a similar level that toddlers and babies are to assess the impact air pollution has on them.

In most cases, these monitors are placed higher, like on lamp posts.

So, Baggy could be the key to getting more precise data since she’s 0.75 meters from the ground, unlike the posts which are around 2.7 meters high.

Who Came Up with this Unique Idea?

Baggy’s owners, the father and son Matt and Tom Hunt came up with this unique idea.

One day, while out doing some monitoring, Matt suggested taking Baggy with them and placed a monitor around her collar-it all happened by chance.

They’ve decided to do this since they discovered that the monitor of Baggy showed greater levels of pollution in the air closer to the ground.

Tom, a 13-year-old boy says that he’s really proud of Baggy and believes this research is essential. He explains that people need to realize that young people and children are the most affected by polluted air and something has to be done ASAP.

It’s Essential to Protect Our Young Generations

After they collected their findings, the father and son sent them to the government and the Buckinghamshire County Council in an effort to emphasize how young people are at a higher risk of asthma because of the higher levels of air pollution closer at the ground.

According to Matt, the entire goal of this is Tom’s wish to do help and prevent youngsters from being diagnosed with asthma.

He adds that the national data isn’t correct and that these monitors are usually hanging upside down from lamp posts, which is quite higher, to prevent them from being stolen or damaged.

This ends up giving false results. In fact, the data they’ve collected thanks to the monitor on Baggy shows that the levels of pollution are 2/3 higher closer to the ground.

Matt says about his son that he’s very proud about Tom and his passion for the environment and helping his generation breathe a cleaner air.

When asked about Baggy, Matt adds she’s like any other dog-they’re really proud of her.



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