Truck Driver Pulls Over to Help Dad Find Toddler after an Accident

This truck driver, Joe Hylton, was on the drive to get to the Perdue farms when he spotted a horrible accident on the route 1 Delaware.

The 2 involved cars were almost totally wrecked and he saw a man frantically running around, apparently looking for something.

Hylton parked his truck on the side right away and came closer to the man, offering help. This is when he told him that he was searching for his baby daughter.

Sadly, her car seat flung out of the car and it was empty when he checked it-he didn’t know where it went. Hylton explained that when he saw the look on the man’s face, he knew he had to do something.

Seeing the car seat empty just wrecks your heart.

The Paternal Instinct of Hylton Helps & He Finds the Baby

Hylton, himself a father of three children, immediately reached for the flashlight from his truck and joined the man’s search for his daughter alongside the road.

After several minutes, he saw a small bundle and gathered strength for the worst. However, the baby girl had no scratch whatsoever-she just lifted her hands so he could pick her up.

The father was very relieved and emotional.

Hylton grabbed the girl right away and called the father-he came running over and they all hugged. Although they met for the first time, it felt like they knew each other their whole lives.

The father and daughter were reunited and Hylton got back into his truck and on the open door.

The Delaware state police awarded Hylton with the Good Samaritan honor.

Hylton Is very Humble & Says Helping Is Human

Hylton is a very humble man: he said that his actions were only the right thing to do and the only thing to do.

He explained that there is so much craziness in the world and that he doesn’t believe in receiving praise for helping out, but believes it’s something we should all do.

Indeed, if we all thought like this man, helping others would be less of a heroic act, but a basic human instinct. We would be more compassionate and closer to each other.




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