7-Year-Old Girl Sells Lemonade to Pay for Her Own Brain Surgeries: She Says She Hopes She Makes It

The Alabama Savage’s Bakery has added a new type of lemonade on their menu-a unique concoction that customers can’t find on their regular menu.

The lemonade stand inside this Homewood bakery has been set up by Liza Scott-the 7-year-old daughter of the owner, Elizabeth Scott.

Because, when life gave her lemons, she made lemonade.

Many customers find this a cool and thirst-quenching delight. But, for Liza, it’s more than this-it’s also hope and perseverance in challenging times.

The money from lemonades will all help fund her upcoming brain surgeries. Here’s why she needs them…

7-Year-Old Girl Is Collecting Money for Her Brain Surgery

Her mother explains that the girl has 3 cerebral malformations or schizencephaly. There’s a cleft in the frontal lobe of the right side of the brain which is believed to trigger seizures in the sweet girl.

This is a very rare birth defect manifested by abnormal clefts in the brain’s hemispheres, according to the NINDS.

The girl started having these grand mal seizures less than a month ago-she had violent muscle contractions and fell unconscious. Several weeks after, the doctors learned that this bright and happy girl had ‘a special brain’.

Her mother noted how in most cases of these malformations, the doctors usually see one; however, in the case of Liza, there are three.

‘I Feel like I Won’t Make It’-Says Liza

Liza and her mother are scheduled to fly to the Boston Children’s Hospital so that the girl undergoes the first surgery. Liza says she can’t handle it so she’s hopeful she makes it.

She explains how her mother is saying that she will, but she feels like she won’t.

Her mom says how the whole family is still processing this and staying faithful and strong. Sometimes, she feels like she can’t breathe and  spends countless of sleepless nights praying.

Her mom had to buy additional insurance that will help pay the surgeries; however, with all the costs for travel and hotels, the family is already giving almost $10,000 out of their own pocket.

Being a single mother and financially caring for two children, collecting this amount isn’t easy.

So, besides the lemonade stand, they’re also open for donations. They’ve already reached more than $22,000 of their $25,000 goal. If you want to help, go here.




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