At the age of 9, this Girl Started Building Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Think of the time when you were nine-probably, your biggest worries were if you could sit next to your best friend in school or whether you’ll get that new pair of shoes you saw in the commercial.

As children, it’s quite understandable to have most worries regarding ourselves-we’re still young to be able to grasp more outside of our own bubble and our needs and wants.

But, there are some exceptions-like this 9-year-old girl from Bremerton, Washington. Namely, Hailey Fort has had a different view of the world than most of her generation.

Today, at the age of 14, Fort recalls the first time, some five years ago, when she asked from her mom to buy a sandwich for a homeless man.

Soon after, her mother recalls, they were growing veggies in their home garden to help the local food bank.

An Amazing Young Girl with the Desire to Help

Fort’s desire to help didn’t stop there-as she grew, she often considered herself privileged for having a roof over her head, especially when there were cold and rainy Washington days.

She believed that having a warm place to live in is something most people take for granted.

Hailey said how she wants everyone to have a home and doesn’t seem right that there are so many homeless people.

When she was 9, she promised to build 12 tiny mobile homes and donated them to the people without homes in her town.

And so she did. She constructed 8×4-foot structures with windows to allow sunlight, a front door that can be locked, and eco-friendly insulation-she used recycled jeans.

At first, she built the homes using the guidance of her grandpa who’s a professional contractor and when she needed to use power tools.

Hailey’s heart is very big and she differs from others because when she looks at homeless people, she sees a human being- one with dreams and hopes, but struggling. The first tiny home she built was for her friend Edward.

He was let go from a job at a local supermarket and then lost his home. Hailey explained he’s very nice and she didn’t want him to be rained on by all of the bad weather in the city.

The interesting part is that Hailey customizes each of these homes according to whom she’s gifting it to-one of them, Billy Ray, who is in a wheelchair and his dog named Tonka are one of them.

People Are Recognizing Hailey’s Wish to Do Good for Others

When people learned about what she’s doing, they started donating materials for the homes.

According to the laws of their state, these homes can be placed on church properties, so they’re working with churches to ensure these new homeowners will have a place to put these houses and where they’ll be safe.

Hailey Is also Helping in many other Ways

If building homes for the homeless wasn’t enough, Hailey is also helping homeless people by giving them free toiletries. Through donations, she collected 1000 toiletries, 500 feminine hygiene products, and 100 winter coats.

If you want to help this girl, make sure you visit her GoFundMe page.

She accepts donations and is also teaching us important lessons. Although you may not necessarily have the time yourself to do what she’s doing, help her do it even better.

You can also help your locals-buy someone a meal, donate them your clothes that you no longer wear, and volunteer.