Colleagues Who Bonded over Being Adopted Learn Turn Out to Be Biological Sisters

These two women met at work and bonded fast since they were both adopted. Years into their friendship, they discovered they’re biological sisters after taking a 23andMe DNA test.

The women, Cassandra Madison, 32 and Julia Tinetti, 31, quickly bonded at their workplace in the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut in 2013.

Soon after, they learned that they have a shared connection in the Dominican Republic, where they were both born and adopted from.

From this moment on, the girls started hanging out more often and went out for dinners, drinks, and even started to dress similarly.

Co-Workers Turn Out to Be Biological Sisters

Both of them have a tattoo of the flag of the Dominican Republic and throughout the years, they were often told by others that they look alike a lot. After some time, they started to wonder if they’re really related.

They decided to compare their adoption papers; however, there was no matching in the documents. They said both were born in different cities and their moms had different surnames.

Still, they didn’t give up since they felt there’s some connection because they looked alike so much and were born in the same country and adopted within one year apart.

Madison then moved from Connecticut to Virginia and in 2015, she maintained contact with Tinetti on Facebook.

Madison’s mom gave her a DNA test kit for Christmas in 2018 and it matched her to her first cousin and some other more distant relatives.

She said that she didn’t know that you could find a relative so she was shocked. The cousin of Madison helped her find her birth father, Adriano Luna Collado, who is still living in the Dominican Republic.

However, her birth mom, Yulianna Collado died in 2015 from a heart attack.  She then flew there to meet her biological dad and siblings.

She also asked Collado if he and her mother gave up another kid for adoption after her.

He told her that it wasn’t easy for him and her mom at the time. So, he doesn’t like to think or talk about it, but he did confirm they gave up a younger sibling too.

She Was now Convinced Tinetti Is Her Sister

Even more, she believed Tinetti had to be her biological sister. So, she had her take a DNA test to see if they’re a match.

The results confirmed they’re sisters.

Their birth parents had 9 children together and put up only two for adoption. The women explained that their parents struggled to care for their ill brother when Madison was born.

In addition to living in a poor country they decided to give them up-they weren’t ready.

Indeed, it’s a thing we usually see in movies. For Tinetti, it’s exciting to have located her birth family and to have found her sister.