Every Day this Dog Rides the Bus by Herself to Visit the Park

This black lab and Mastiff mix named Eclipse is one of the most popular dogs on the internet, mostly because she travels alone by bus to get to the park.

There, she spends several hours playing before hopping onto the bus and going back home.

Sweet Eclipse has a bus pass that’s attached to her collar. She seems like the most independent doggo out there who doesn’t need her humans at all times.

How Did Eclipse Started Going to the Bus Alone?

The amazing Eclipse leaves her Seattle home every day by herself and catches the bus that takes her to a dog park downtown-there, she plays for a couple of hours and makes friends.

When she’s done, she goes back to the bus stop and catches the bus back home, using a ticket attached on her collar. Her owner Jeff explains that it all began one day at the bus station.

Jeff took too long to finish his cigarette and hop onto the bus with Eclipse. The doggo that wasn’t keen on waiting any longer, left Jeff behind, hopped onto the bus, thanked the driver, and jumped off at her favourite park.

The bus driver says he knows where to drop her off exactly and other passengers adore her.

Eclipse has won over people and a post about her unique story was shared more than 290,000 times on Facebook.

Jeff soon realized Eclipse knows the route perfectly and started allowing her to go on her own. She would always come back several hours later.

Bus Drivers Love Her & She’s the Favourite Passenger

Bus drivers love her and she always makes them smile. And, many passengers sit down next to her and give her scratchies. The police have given their approval as long as the bus drivers are okay with it.

The drivers know her so well that they will pick her up if she’s waiting for a bus and they leave her right near the park if she doesn’t press the button.


Eclipse has become so popular that she has her own Facebook fan page named Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog. She has more than 50,000 fans sharing their experiences and photos with Eclipse.

They love her for her smarts and how she puts smiles on people’s faces.




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