Hero Locals Rescue 3 Elephants Trapped in Muddy Swamp

A heartwarming moment happened and was caught on camera. Namely, these locals used diggers to help three elephants who were trapped inside a swampy pond.

The locals who spotted the elephants in need of help gathered around the swamp in the Lakhipur of Goalpara in the north east of India.

The video shows the three elephants in the watery mud, struggling to get out of it and covered entirely with mud.

The elephants had a hard time getting out because of the depth of the pit and their heavy weight.

Diggers Help the Animals Get Out of the Mud

The two diggers dug out walls of the hollow to make a slope so that the elephants can climb out. The deep pit in which the elephants were stuck was used by the local department of electricity.

However, it quickly turned into major distress for these heavyweight animals that became trapped inside it. But, the rescue mission was successful.

Thanks to the diggers, their equipment, and their quick thinking, the elephants were rescued and they went back into the wild.

They didn’t harm the humans or anything in the like. They were thankful.

The people who were nearby cheered the freed animals that were lucky to have ended their stressful ordeal.

We’re also lucky that these amazing animals were freed! It’s good that there were good people like this nearby!

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