Little Girl Serenades Her Beloved Cat for one last Time before He Passed away

Do you know Bailey?-He’s quite popular on social media.

And, he’s been on ABC News and CBS News and also on The Ellen Show. Millions of people have visited his Instagram and Facebook.

His popularity started from one lovely video from 2018. The video showed Abigail, Erin Merryn’s daughter, sweetly singing You Are My Sunshine to their cat while gently stroking him.

The duo was adorable and it proved that Bailey was indeed the most ‘affectionate, loving, sweet, and tolerant cat’.

The Sweet Bailey Was Part of their Lives for more than a Decade

The family had Bailey for 14 years. Abigail got him while she was still in college and even snuck him into her dorm room.

She told people how she felt like she won the lottery with him. Thanks to him, she believed, the number of depressed or lonely people in the world would be a lot less. She always thought how there was certainly a little human inside Bailey.

And, the love she had for Bailey was instilled into her daughter too. Bailey played with Abigail and her sister and was even included in their dress-ups!

The sisters gave him baths, pushed him in strollers, held lemonade stands together, had picnics on the porch, and dressed up for Halloween. And, through all of this, Bailey was the most patient cat ever.

He loved the girls and didn’t care what will happen as long as they’re together, playing and hugging.

The Time to Say Goodbye

But, only a couple of months after going viral on social media, Bailey passed away due to kidney failure.

He was surrounded by his loved ones and passed away at his mom’s lap while they were at the vet’s office.

Merryn says how she couldn’t stop crying when he passed and says it was one of the worst days ever, yet she has some pretty terrible experiences.

Even harder than his passing was to tell the sad news to her 4-year-old Abby-she will never forget the look she had in her eyes. It was devastating losing him.

Still, the video of Abigail singing him the song will stay and the family will always have this video to go back to their sweet memories. Check out the emotional video below-amazing and true love: