The Students at Green School Learn Outdoors with Interactive Projects

Green School International is a school with a new approach to learning-there, traditional subjects are available, but their program is also focused on holistic practical learning.

The goal of this school is to help students learn the right way and the environment is also designed to help them achieve this.

This environmentally-conscious group is located in Bali, Indonesia and boasts classrooms made of bamboo and emphasis on learning to solve problems from real life, for example, building a pond together.

The New, Better Way, Says the Green School International

The parent network of CEOs and tech entrepreneurs, the school says they’re the school of the future happening now.

At the campus in Bali, the 500 students learn a variety of subjects, including science and match, but also thematic courses. The key of these courses is to learn how to solve problems from real life.

Their green outlook turned out to be very popular and they also plan to build another campus in New Zealand, as well as another one in South Africa and a fourth one in Tulum, Mexico.

Let’s Make the World Sustainable Together

The head of the school’s marketing and communications, Aysha Haider explains that the goal of these schools is to form a global learning community with a focus on creating a world that’s more sustainable.

They do this through everything they do: their learning programs and how their campus is built.

They want to encourage the change makers and then send them out into the world to help with what they’ve learned.

Both celebrities and politicians have shown their support to this sustainable school-according to Ban Ki-Moon, it was the most ‘unique and impressive school he has ever seen’ after he visited the campus in 2014.

The Bali campus, where the students are mostly expats from America, Western Europe, and Australia, the fees annually can go up to $19,171.

Although the school in Bali is a non-profit thanks to the Indonesian law, Haider notes that they’re looking for opportunities worldwide.

They are unique and different, but they do want to be impactful and grow fast. They’re also open to a variety of models for their other campuses. Although they have some investors, they’re still considering how they will partner with organisations and build more schools like this in the future.

They note that for a green school, it’s essential to find the right people who don’t just understand the model, but also trust in it.




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