Woman Helps Raise $45K for a McDonald’s Worker Who Paid for Her Family’s Mean when She Forgot Her Wallet

This mother who experienced the most random act of kindness from a McDonald’s employee returned the favour and raised $45K for this young worker.

While sitting in a McDonald’s drive-through along with her three crying children, Brittany Reed realized she forgot her purse at home.

When she told the restaurant employee that she couldn’t pay and that she will be cancelling the order, Wyatt Jones took out his own wallet and paid for the entire family’s meal.

Reed refused that Jones pays however, he insisted and said it was his pleasure.

A Wonderful, Compassionate Young Man

Amazed by his good deed, Reed wanted to share his kind act so that his parents realize how amazing their son is.

She wrote on social media how he helped out a stressed mother to pause for a moment and to realize that this is what we’re trying to do-raise good people.

Later that same day, Reed came back and repaid Jones.

She explains he first refused to take the money, but she demanded he does and told him that putting out good into the world means getting it back tenfold.

Family Raises $45K for the McDonald’s Employee

When she learned that Wyatt was saving to purchase car, together with her husband, Reed opened up a GoFundMe page to return the boy his kindness.

Since it’s activation in October last year, the page has helped raise $45K, much more than the original $5000 goal.

Amazing people, don’t you agree? We definitely need more compassionate and kind individuals!