Boy Hero Saves His Sister from Choking after Watching John Cena Who Congratulated Him through a Video

This boy saved his younger sister who was choking on a chicken nugget because he knew how to do first aid. He learned this from a John Cena episode on the Nickelodeon show, The Substitute.

During a scary situation, Cena played a major role in the brother’s attempt to save his sister.

The 8-year-old boy who lives in Pennsylvania, Jaxson Demsey, was sitting in the backseat of his dad’s car when his 20-month-old sister who was next to him, Leila started choking on a nugget.

He remembered the show in which John Cena stepped in to be a substitute teacher and taught children first aid on a dummy.

So, he knew what to do.

Brother Saves His Sister from Choking

Jaxson later explained that this accident made him feel scared because he thought his sister was going to die. But, a thing came into his mind and he told his dad to pull over.

He began patting Leila on her back.

The second-grader needed 30 seconds to dislodge the nugget from the throat of his sister using the technique he says he learned from Cena, i.e. the Heimlich manoeuvre.

The boy later said how he’s thankful to Cena for being on that show because it helped him learn so much about how to save a person’s life.

Cena & Nickelodeon Congratulated Jaxson for His Heroic Act

A very special ‘well done!’ for the boy came from John Cena himself.

He also sent the boy a personal video message.

In the video, Cena explains how he heard about him and the story touched his heart.

He said how he’s proud that he took action. He added that when bad things happen, it’s hard for us to take action, but this wasn’t the case with Jaxson.

He stepped in and did his best and helped out as much as he could. And, it helped him save his sister’s life. Cena also thanked him for being himself and an inspiration.

The spokesman for Nickeldeon, David Bittler, said how everyone there is beyond proud of Jaxson and his heroism and they’re honoured to be part of this amazing story of good news and courage.

The Substitute features stars going undercover to fool unsuspecting kids who have no idea they’re in the presence of a popular person.

In the episode with Cena, he was masked with a big beard and dressed up in the uniform of a fireman to play an environmentalist and a professional in fire safety.

Other celebrities who’ve been part of this show include Shaun White, Ne-Yo, and Peyton List.  




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