Russian Man Saves a Pregnant Dog Buried Alive for 2 Days after Hearing Her Frantic Cries

Thanks to a passer-by, this pregnant dog who was buried alive for 2 days in Russia was rescued.

The man heard the pregnant dog’s frantic barking and cries for help. A stray dog named Belka accidentally wandered into a sinkhole which was open for three weeks.

Her savior, Vadim Rustam, explained that while she was inside the hole, the Voronezh housing authorities closed the pit without realizing Belka was trapped inside.

Passer-By Hears Belka’s Cries & Barking for Help & Rescues Her

A resident at the building, Rustam said how he kept hearing a dog whining and barking but at first, he couldn’t locate where the sounds were coming from.

However, soon, he tracked the sounds to the underground and this is when he asked from the city officials to help take the dog out of there ASAP.

However, the officials refused digging a hole to save the mom-to-be and her pups so Rustam decided to do it on his own.

Belka & Her Puppies Were Fine & Transferred to a Shelter

He knew her time was becoming shorter and shorter because she was pregnant and going two days without water and food.

The video of the rescuing mission shows brave Rustam chiseling a brick loose from the pavement. He did the same with several other bricks and burrowed away the sand.

He then moved aside a bigger rock and he finally saw the muzzle and the paw of the poor dog coming out. He assisted her by pulling her up and everyone was excited.

The dog was wagging her tail happily after getting out. She walked around and the people who gathered pet her.

Sweet Belka who was expecting puppies was placed in a shelter and for adoption.




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